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This portrait project aims to explore and document the various physical facial features which make up the people of the British Isles. From the Celts, Britons and Anglo Saxon, the British Isles has had a rich cultural heritage, and with the help of modern genetic sciences, it is my hope to be able to understand more about these facial characteristics and their origins.

In a way, this project for me is a means to create a greater connection, if not only to our past, but an ethnographic map, so to speak, that can bring all cultures and communities together by identifying with our common ancestry.

What are the characteristics which physically define us and link to our past heritage? It is this passion to discover, more in depth what it means to be an individual in this ever rapidly developing and globally connected society, which has driven me to travel and experience other cultures in order to document them before they are slowly lost in the ever rapidly changing global society.

With this said, this project, in no way aims to stipulate that our genetic heritage defines us as individuals, but instead aims crate a sense of unification through the awareness of our common ancestry as a species, who's success truly lies within our abitity to adapt and adopt new cultures and traditions through constant traid and migration. It is through the understnading of these various genetics and cultural influences, that will enevidabily ensure the liberation from the greatest obstiacal we have ever truly faced within our society, the intolerance and persecution of any culture which is viewed us different to our own.

If one looks back far enough, we all have a common ancetory. The knowledge and culture we take for assume our birthright (so often take for granted) is that of a rich cultural diversity and influence. Civilisations and culture mirror social contruct,however physical features develope through adaptation and gentic dominance wihtin localised enviroments.

NO MATTER THE CREED NOR CULTURE we each bare, the legacy of humanitiy history and  within our DNA.

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